Looks and feels just like a real book

Available on the App Store

Qur’an Memorizer is the most beautiful and powerful copy of the Qur’an available for your iPad and iPhone. It looks, feels and responds so much like a real book that you might just forget you’re using an app at all. The focus is where it belongs - on the words of Allah.

Jump right in - you don’t need to learn how to use it

  • Turn the crisp, clear pages just like in a real book.
  • Find your spot easily with the same layout as copies of the Qur’an you’ll find in almost any masjid in the world
  • Read one page at a time in portrait mode, or two, in landscape
  • Start right away - you don’t need internet access to download audio or translations

Discover the powerful features behind the simplicity

  • Navigate quickly to any page, juz, surah or ayah
  • Hear high quality audio from the reciter of your choice
  • Change the audio playback speed
  • Look up the translation of your choice
  • Search the translations for any word or phrase
  • Bookmark any number of pages and add titles and notes to the bookmarks
  • Add notes to any ayah
  • Play audio loops, even when your phone display is off, or when you’re in other apps
  • Browse ayahs quickly in the text-only power-user mode

Make Qur’an Memorizer work for you

  • Zoom in or out on any page - the pages are optimized for Retina displays and look beautiful, even at maximum zoom
  • Activate VoiceOver mode for accessibility - you can use the app if you’re visually impaired or blind
  • Choose from 1 of 27 different reciters
  • Use it simultaneously with other apps on the iPad, using multitasking